Three simple steps to identify and overcome the hurdles to move your online course forward


Are you overwhelmed and find your progress paralyzed, not knowing how to move forward? Shari helps you remove the noise, gain clarity and identify actionable steps. When you begin to see progress, which you will immediately, you’ll gain momentum to continue down the path and reach your goals.

Whether you work with Shari around your business or personal development, you’ll see how you can make positive changes in multiple areas of your life.


Tapping into her superpower of seeing the big picture and drilling it down into actionable steps allows Shari’s coaching clients to achieve their results while overcoming being paralyzed with overwhelm and not know the steps to move forward towards success!


Connecting with your audience through words is a necessity in today’s world of overload. Shari’s ability to take your story and craft the messages that will draw your tribe in can help you bring attention to your business.



Shari’s workshops and speaking engagements can be a great fit into your meeting, be stand-alone or part of your conference or business event. Each of her speaking topics or a combination can be customized and extended into a workshop for your group.

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I mentor already successful, productive individuals, techniques to elevate themselves to higher levels of performance. Through gaining clarity, confidence and expertise they magnify their own success while being driven to keep motivated and balancing it all by learning stress prevention and management techniques that can be woven throughout the day. In applying these skills, individuals see impactful changes in both their business and personal lives.

I love the moment when someone has the recognition that something I guided them to has made a difference. Whether the ability to approach a difficult conversation, influence others, a practice of focus, or how to relax in a difficult situation, when they see the shift and how powerful a small change can be, I share in the joy that they feel.

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Shari Czar

Shari is also a Yoga Instructor…yep, that’s how she helps herself and other deal with stress.
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