In a busy world of competition, it is often easy to find competitors everywhere you turn. Standing out in the crowd is essential. There are three key ways to differentiate yourself in a busy market.

Adding Value
When looking to buy something, people like to understand what they are purchasing before they buy. What will it do for them? How will it make their life better? Adding value through educating them is important.

You can add value by sharing case studies, testimonials and experiences of other users of your product; information about the benefits; or blogs or articles not about the product, but around related topics.

When you educate, you elevate both the product and yourself in the eyes of the prospective client.

The stereotype of a car salesman is that he is slimy, telling you what he thinks you need to hear to get the deal. Where in reality few car salesman are really like that, what the image highlights is the lack of perceived authenticity of that person.

When you let your personality shine through in what you do, you will draw people to you. You may also turn some people away, but that is okay, they probably wouldn’t have been your best customers anyway. You want to attract customers that you would want to work with and who want to work with you.

What is most important is to be yourself, be authentic, and you will earn the trust and respect of clients that no only want to buy from you once, but be repeat customers.

Customer Service
We have all had a bad customer service experience. And when you did, what did you do? You may have complained to the company, but I am betting you told at least one other person, if not more, about the negative experience.

Just as a bad customer experience can hurt your business. Where a neutral experience may not hurt it, it may not help it. If you and the encounter weren’t memorable at all, it doesn’t help to elevate you in the eyes of the customer.

On the other hand, if you deliver a great customer service experience, and you do it consistently, you will most likely have that customer come back, as well as share with their friends and family their positive experience. This grows your opportunity.
Always work to deliver a memorable positive experience.

Succeed in Winning and Keeping Customers
Where many products and services may be similar, a differentiator is the person or company that one buys from. By elevating the value you bring to your clients, letting yourself shine through and delivering a consistent and positive customer experience, not only will have you executing sales, but will bring customers back, time and time again.

Share with me where you had a positive customer experience, whether it was the value they brought; how they were authentic or executed great customer service. Let’s spread the word.