Have you ever watched a child discover something for the first time? The have sense of wonder and often excitement. Often as we get older, and as there are fewer things that are new to us, we lose that sense of curiosity and study.  In my yoga classes, I encourage individuals who are familiar with a posture to approach it through “beginner’s eyes”.  I want them to feel as if it were their first time moving into the posture. What can you discover here? What have you begun to take for granted? These are only a few of the questions one can examine.

Taking that same adventure of discovering something all over again can be experienced off the mat.  Is there something you do repeatedly during your day? Maybe how you brush your teeth, or the route you take to work.  Can you approach it differently than your habitual way? How does that make you feel? Do you learn something new from it?

I am on my way to visit an area that I have been to before, but my husband has not.  As we travel around I am going to keep looking through my “beginner’s eyes” and observe things as if I have never seen them before.  I plan to bring that sense of wonder and excitement to things that may have become stale for me. I expect there is a lot more for me to discover as I things for the first time again.

What can you approach with again for the first time?