Be Authentic placard with bokeh background

Yesterday was a very special day for me. Not because there was any celebration nor did I go anywhere amazing. It was a special day because throughout I connected with people, and more than once in those connections I was told, “You really practice what you share with others.”

That comment did not go unnoticed by me, in fact I sat with it last night for a while. It can be easy to express through words your thoughts or intents, but it is the deeds, the actions you take that matter.

In a recent blog, I wrote about connecting with others. I spoke of the importance of reaching out and letting people know you are thinking of them. Yesterday I was able to take that a step further by spending time throughout my day with various individuals. I shared conversation with someone who I had recently met at an event; I sat with a friend in comfort who is dealing with a challenge in her life; I shared in a yoga practice with a wonderful group of people; I joined in a meal with someone I don’t often get to share time with alone; I caught up on the day with my husband. These connections brightened my day, and I believe if each of them were asked they would say the same. It was a wonderful day (and by the way I did get work done too for those thinking it sounds great that I have free time).

But the point is not only the connection, but being authentic in the words you speak and reflecting them in your actions. Putting your words into action and demonstrating your commitment to being genuine is one of the greatest characteristics you can have.

How do your actions reflect the words you speak? Share with me below.