3 11, 2016

When Cleaning My Kitchen Cabinets Becomes Exciting

2017-01-14T10:37:26-05:00November 3rd, 2016|Categories: Lifestyles, Motivation, Success, Support|

Ever been faced with a task that you just didn’t want to do, whether it was because it was challenging, uncomfortable or just something you didn’t enjoy? I have, and when that happens, and procrastination [...]

27 10, 2016

I Knew Him Before I Met Him

2018-08-16T14:54:11-04:00October 27th, 2016|Categories: Achievers, Leadership, Lifestyles, Motivation, Success, Support, Thoughts|

Have you ever met someone for the first time and they already knew a few things about you, and not in a creepy way? Maybe they read your bio on your website, maybe they spoke [...]

13 10, 2016

Should you go to that event or conference?

2017-01-14T10:37:26-05:00October 13th, 2016|Categories: Community, Leadership, Lifestyles, Motivation, Success, Support|

Have you ever been with a group where you left them feeling inspired, motived and had your mind racing with ideas? Were you excited about next steps and wondering when you could get that type [...]

7 10, 2016

What You and Goldfish have in Common

2017-01-14T10:37:26-05:00October 7th, 2016|Categories: Lifestyles, Messages, Motivation, Success, Support, Thoughts|

Boy have things changed. I remember the days in meetings where the facilitator would say, “Please only leave the room during breaks, so you can remain focused.” Gone are those days. I now attend most [...]

29 09, 2016

3 Ways to Deal with Frustration at the Office or Home

2018-08-16T14:58:38-04:00September 29th, 2016|Categories: Achievers, Leadership, Lifestyles, Messages, Motivation, Success, Support, Thoughts, Time for Yourself|

  I was speaking to a friend recently and when I asked how his day was he replied, “A bad customer day”. I get it, we have all had days where we have faced challenges, [...]


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