If you aren’t celebrating your success, no matter how small, I think you are missing out on something wonderful. Yes, there is always something else to do, something more to accomplish, but when you have a success give it the attention it, and you deserve.

I am working with a wonderful group of women in supporting each other around our businesses.  When we meet, the first thing we each have to do is share five successes since the last time we met.  When each person presents their achievements we celebrate. We hoot and holler, pump the arms and laugh.  It feels great as the person who is sharing, but it is fun to also be the supporter, making it known that the accomplishment is acknowledged, and “good job”!

In my house we also recognize each other for our successes.  Recently my husband and I have delved into a lot of unchartered territory for ourselves as we work to grow my business, and we have personal growth achievements as well.  “Nice job”, “I’m proud of you”, “Way to go” and other congratulations are offered in celebration.  Even the dog isn’t immune. When he does something awesome, we acknowledge it, even if it’s simply making a good catch with his toy.

Having people who are around you to support and celebrate with you is important.  My great teacher davdji calls it “your front row”.  These are the people routing for you.  Who are the people in your front row?   Whose front row are you in?

And although it is a great gift to have a front row, remember happiness comes from within.  You should be your own biggest fan.  When things get rough or you fail, know in your own heart that it’s just one step in your path and you should keep moving. At times when you make progress, even if it is only an inch forward, cheer yourself on.  Celebrate your successes no matter how small.

What success did you have today?  Can’t think of any? Consider getting out of bed this morning a success. Celebrate!!!!!