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Masterminds (Group Coaching)

In Napolean Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, he created the concept of masterminds. A mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals who together provide guidance, support, and accountability through the navigation of growth and challenges.

Finding a community of people that provides a nurturing and safe environment where you can share your fears and challenges; gain support to work through them; collaborate on ideas; and celebrate your successes, can be a game changer in your business. To learn more about Shari’s masterminds click here

Private Coaching

Shari currently does not have any open spots for private coaching. If you would like to speak with her about your business goals, and coaching interests, she provides a free 20-minute consultation. By learning more about you and your business, she can guide you to other services she provides that may meet your needs, and/or put you on a private coaching waiting list. Send email to


Shari’s workshops can be a great fit into your meeting, be stand-alone or part of your conference or business event. For a sample of her workshop subjects, please refer to her speaking topics. Each of these topics or a combination, can be extended into a workshop for your group, allowing it to be customized to your group. Workshops can run from one hour to a full-day session.

“Her program absolutely exceeded my expectations…”

“I was told by a colleague about Shari… [I] felt that she could help address the human element in the organization… keeping the team motivated and providing tools they can use during this transition period. She customized a half day program that focused on managing change that was delivered in a very interactive and engaging fashion. …Shari’s program was enjoyable, but critically, it provided [the team] with valuable insights as to how they could contribute effectively… four weeks following Shari’s program the team has come to the table with renewed energy and uses her concepts to stay focused, on strategy, and enthusiastic. …Shari and her program absolutely exceeded my expectations.”

~ Lionel Phillips, President, Inside Edge Consulting Group

“Shari was able to focus us on our offerings…”

“… Shari was able to focus us on our offerings instead of the events we coordinated. She even gave us more insight into the event planning industry from her own experience in the field. After which, [we] were able to come up with an enticing pitch and shall never be caught off guard again! She impressed upon us the importance of developing a uniform image and a process to deliver a seemingly flawless and transparent customer experience. I look forward to working with Shari to refine our foundation and move on to the business of getting top dollar clients!”

~ Athena