Today is about connecting. Many of us have the best intentions of staying in touch with friends, people we worked with when we change jobs, family members, but we often find it more difficult than it seems. Even with today’s technology and social media platforms, our connection to one another gets lost.

When we do eventually make those connections, it can be uplifting for both the receiver and the sender. Just this week I had someone who I hadn’t directly had contact with in years, reach out. It made me smile and brought happiness to my day. It brought back memories of when we were in touch more often and gave me insight into what is going on in his world today.

So this week, I am making my blog brief, and ask you to use the couple of minutes you would normally spend reading it to connect with someone you haven’t reached out to in a while. Call them, send them a card, email them or yes, even text. Just reach out and tell them they are on your mind. And by all means, reach out to more than one person.

Let me know how it made you feel to reach out someone you haven’t connected to in a while.