Fill in this sentence, “When I think of summer, I think of _____”.This week marks the start of summer. When I think of summer, I have so many warm (no pun intended) thoughts about past summers and the present.

I have great memories of summer as a child and young adult including summer camp, time at the New Jersey Shore with friends (when I spoke with others each said the NJ Shore – and not like the stories on the “reality” show), camping weekends, BBQs, and summers filled with lifeguarding and teaching kids of ages to swim. The summer always seems to bring a sense of freedom from school, heavy coats or being inside.

Now, as an adult, summer is still a time of celebration for me, but for slightly different reasons. We each have things that nurture us. A big thing for me it is nature, and being that I don’t like the cold, summer represents time to be outdoors.
I love the beauty of color that seems to pop during the season. Farmers Markets are a destination for me regularly and I embrace seeing the vegetables and flowers that grace the stands. Bringing the color home to my kitchen with tomatoes, basil, lettuce, eggplants, sunflowers and more, makes me smile.

During summer, my office space transitions outside to the deck where I am surrounded by green grass and trees as the birds happily sing, and butterflies and bees visit the nearby butterfly bushes. My dog Tyler joins me, as he too soaks up the sun and smells.

Everyone and everything seems to come alive with summer.

Summer also brings with it possibilities. A time of transformation, it provides the opportunities to explore new things, and new ideas. Maybe it is moving forward out of rut, or maybe it investigating something you have never done before and reaching new heights.

In this summer of 2017, what do you plan to transform in your life? Share with me below. Have a favorite summer memory? I would love to hear that as well!