Snow covered 4Welcome to the first week of winter. I know for some of us who are used to cold temperatures and white stuff this time of year, we are being surprised by mild weather. I for one am enjoying it, although I know others wish the chill would come.

No matter what your view on the temperature outside, it is time to honor and celebrate the season of winter.

Often this time of year is looked at as an opportunity to hibernate, especially for those of us who live in colder climates and don’t easily embrace the cold.  No matter what your preference on the outdoor temperature, this time of year is an occasion to look inward, into the depths of the self and visit our heart’s desires. It is also a time trust what is in our heart – that inner voice that represents our intuition.

Regularly when I teach certain yoga postures or lead meditation I suggest individuals close their eyes. This helps to eliminate the visual distractions, and allows tuning more deeply into what is going on inside.

Similarly if we are standing physically in the dark it is harder to see what is around us, so we are forced to trust our instinct and intuition – what we know inside. As we go into the winter, it gives us that same opportunity to reduce or eliminate the outside influences and trust what we feel inside.

So let’s celebrate the season by taking some time to sit comfortably in the dark and listen to what the small voices inside of us have to say.

If you ritually want to do this, you might choose to find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and tune in with your breath. Watch and witness as the breath enters and leaves the body. As you focus on the breath notice what comes up for you.

If you like, ask yourself a question that you have been pondering. As you focus on your breath, see if an answer arises for you. If not, don’t be frustrated, you may be surprised as it presents itself tomorrow or later down the road. When you feel your practice is complete, open your eyes and light a candle. Watch the flame of the candle. Notice as the candle sheds light on your space.

Just as you brought yourself from darkness into light, so may your meditation transition you from not knowing into listening within.

Throughout the season practice this and reflect on what insights and transitions arise for you. Wishing you a Happy Winter.