Not too long ago I felt stuck. I was working on a project and it was going nowhere. It just seemed like each step I took didn’t move me forward and every shiny thing that showed up as a distraction I followed. Then a friend challenged me. She said, “Why don’t you take the next two weeks off from that project and see what happens.”


That seemed impossible, and she knew that would be my initial response. She continued, “I know it will be difficult to step away and stay away, but it may be what you need to move it forward in the long run.” As the words, “Okay, I will do it” came out of my mouth, as hard as it was, I knew I needed to try.

Over the next two weeks each time I felt tempted to return to the project I heard my friend’s voice in my head and I diverted myself from returning. I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong, and I too have suggested in the past that others step away. I knew it was sage advice.

Fast forward two weeks and it was amazing. I sat down to revisit the project and there was no stopping me. For the next few days the momentum rushed out of me and I made amazing progress.

I am grateful to my friend because I believe that if I hadn’t taken that break, I would never have progressed or been as creative as I was in the end.

As counter intuitive as it may seem, stepping away from something can be the best way to make progress, as you mind resets itself and for us to settle down inside. Maybe you don’t need a two week break, maybe you just need to step away from your desk for a short time, or let it sit until the next day. Remember, sometimes progress is best made by stepping away, reflecting or even focusing on something completely different, to allow ourselves to move forward when we return.

Have you ever taken a break from a project you were working on only to find when you came back you were refreshed and able to move it forward? Share with me below.

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