With just a crossing of the arms and a blink of the eyes, Jeannie could transport herself anywhere she wanted to be. Guess what, so can I. Ok, so I may not physically change locations but I can transport my mind to any place I would like to be.

Today, the temperature reads -1F, the piles of snow are high around the house and this seems to have been going on for weeks. The glimmer of sunshine is that there actually is sunshine today, something that has been missing over the last couple of days.

I am not a fan of cold weather. Sure the snow can look pretty, and it can be fun to cuddle up in front of the fireplace, but often at this time of year it becomes difficult. The cold has lingered what seems like for months, plans keep getting cancelled or postponed due to weather, and truly I miss walking in the grass. So, what do I do? I cross my arms, blink and find myself transported somewhere else. Well not exactly, I cross my legs as I sit on my yoga mat, I close my eyes, and transport myself in my meditation. Each time can be different. I get to choose where I want to go!

I have been very fortunate in my life to visit a number of rainforests. I often find my meditations take me to a rainforest where I can be with nature and all the glorious plants, colorful birds and butterflies, and the warm moist air. Other times I find myself walking a beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean as it rolls in, syncing with my breath. Ah, the ocean and I become one. On some days I find myself standing high on a mountain looking far out to all that surrounds me, recognizing how small I am in this big Universe of ours.

I love that through my mind I can explore places at any time, and where ever I find myself. No airline ticket required no worries about the weather outside my door. For that time of focus, I truly am transported to wherever I want to be. So do I wish for Spring to arrive with its warmer days, buds on the trees and flowers beginning to bloom? Yes, but I won’t rush it…it’s not like I could if I wanted to. Instead I’ll continue to take my mini-mind vacations to balance it with the winter that sits outside my door.

Where would you like to transport yourself today?

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