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Meditation CD

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Guided Meditations with Bonus Yoga Nidra
Have you ever wanted to go on a guided journey and to see what you would find? What if you not only discovered things about yourself but also experienced deep relaxation and a state of wellness?Shari Czar’s soothing voice will make you feel relaxed and present as she leads you on these Guided Meditations.  Listening to these meditations regularly will help bring a feeling of balance, calm, and focus.  All you need to do is sit or lie back and let Shari’s voice wash over you.A special Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” track has been included.  Yoga Nidra has been shown to balance the nervous system, enhance the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve sleep.

Sample Track

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$16.00 per Download*

CD Tracks

1. Intro to Guided Meditations  1:25
2. Fire Dance Meditation 7:24
3. Seashore Meditation  7:36
4. Elements Meditation  11:43
5. Intro to Yoga Nidra  1:04
6. Yoga Nidra  37:01

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Reducing Stress in Your Everyday Life – In as Little as Sixty Seconds by Shari Czar

In Shari’s newest eBook, she will walk you through techniques to help with reducing stress in as little as sixty seconds.

To learn more about the eBook and obtain your personal copy please visit www.reducestressin60seconds.com or click the eBook image

See what people have to say about her book below.

“Reduce Stress in Your Everyday Life in As Little As Sixty Seconds is a must have resource for anyone suffering from day-to-day stresses– meaning everyone!  As a counselor, I would recommend these techniques for people to tune into themselves and retake control of the anxiety that inhibits them from success.  Shari Czar’s manual breaks down the tools so that anyone can use them, master them and incorporate them into their daily lives.” 
Randi Schweriner, MS (Counseling and Human Relations)

“Think you don’t have time to feel less stressed? Think again. I just read Shari Czar’s book Reducing Stress in Your Everyday Life In as Little as Sixty Seconds, and she’s done it. She gives real tools and exercises to help you get to a calmer place in no time. Shari’s style is fun and warm, and what she suggests actually works. Highly recommended.”
Maureen Clancy, MSW, LCSW  Holistic Psychotherapist

“After losing my job I found it hard to relax and was so stressed. Shari’s gentle and encouraging instruction helped me to learn how to de-stress. Her ‘voice’ continues to stay with me every day when I put her methods into practice. She is truly an inspiration.  Great read!”
Robin M.