Years ago I met someone who had his whole life mapped out, literally. He had the schedule in writing: when he planned to meet his wife, get married, have children (I think he even predicted the sex of the child), buy a house….and on and on. I wondered not only how could someone expect to schedule out his life to such detail, but more importantly why.

There are things I have hoped to happen by a certain time in my life but if I had “planned it out” I think two things would have happened:

  1. I would have been disappointed that something bigger than me (God, the Universe, or whomever you choose to believe in) hadn’t read my plan
  2. I would have missed on an abundance of opportunities while waiting for what I expected, versus what showed up.

We often think we know what is best for us. The job we really want, the house, the person we want to be with, they may all seem like the best possibilities, and maybe they are, ah but maybe they aren’t.

The saying, “Everything happens for a reason” may be annoying to some, but to me it is a true belief. If I have my focus on something that I want to happen and it doesn’t, I truly believe that the Universe has something else in mind. It knows better than I do what I need, so who am I to question.

That doesn’t mean I am excluded from disappointment when something I have hoped for or looked forward to does not happen. I just don’t dwell on it, knowing that there is a reason it didn’t manifest the way I envisioned and something I may not have ever dreamt of is coming along.

If I focus only I what I think it is that I want, then I may miss out on all the opportunities that present themselves. Instead if I keep my eyes and heart open it’s amazing what arises: a new business opportunity, tickets to a play, an unexpected trip and more.

In regard to the person who planned out his entire life, I don’t know how he is performing against his plan. What I do know is that having a plan is a good thing, but being willing to meander off track can be life changing. Don’t miss out on what life presents you….there are infinite possibilities.