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The Business Leader Mastermind

Amplify your success.

In the Business Leader Mastermind you will gain the clarity, confidence and expertise to magnify your success in your business and personal life.

If you are driven and want to heighten your energy, productivity, joy, and achieve your goals, this Mastermind will set you on the path.

Amplify Your Career and Personal Life


Gain clarity for your goals, dreams and purpose while establishing and setting a plan in motion to achieve them

Courage & Confidence:

Acquire the confidence to step into your Circle of Strength, tapping into your courage to shift your actions, feelings and thoughts into unexpected directions


Discover the tools to increase your energy, deal with life’s stresses, and efficiently manage your time to boost your productivity


Strengthen your communication skills to clearly articulate your message, engage active listening skills to better understand the voice of others and escalate your skills of influence and persuasion

Personal Leadership:

No matter what your role in life or in business, you have the opportunity to be a leader. Learn and reinforce the skills to lead through influence, persuasion and motivation.

Team Leadership:

Strengthen your leadership and coaching skills to build, lead and inspire successful teams

“Wow! I can actually see progress!…”

“I knew I wanted to start a new online business, and so I signed up for training. And I trained and I trained….and while I might have been getting more savvy about how to do this, I wasn’t actually doing anything to move forward. Then I signed up for Shari’s Mastermind group. Wow! I can actually see progress! I’m clearer about what the action steps are that I need to take – and thanks to this group, it’s easier than I thought. Most importantly – I’m taking those steps. Thank you Shari for inviting me into this group!”

~ Toni N.

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