About Me

Hi, I’m Shari Czar

There are two sides to my world…

On one side, I help business leaders grow their business and thrive by moving from being stuck in the day-to-day tasks, living in reactive mode to focusing their time and energy on the things that make the biggest impact to the business. The results…more success and time to have fun!

On the other side, I empower individuals to take control of their self-care and focus on their personal development by providing proven techniques that are easily built into their day, no matter how busy their schedule.

Why two sides? Because of an experience I had.

Early in my career, following a visit to the doctor, and some unsettling news, I was given a choice…change things or end up in the hospital. Change was the obvious answer, and I was driven to identify and learn techniques to balance the stress of my job and everyday life. I strongly believe that no one should have to choose their job over health, and there are ways to avoid that situation.

As a Senior Leader, I coached my teams on the business skills necessary to have clarity, courage and the expertise to drive success while creating the environment for growth, risk-taking and fun. And the techniques I shared, worked both inside and outside the office.

I have built and led successful teams across North America, meeting and surpassing aggressive financial targets, business goals and driving high customer satisfaction, while also maintaining high employee satisfaction. I demonstrated that in creating a positive healthy work environment, employees are enthusiastic, motivated and creative in reaching for their goals.

Today, I continue to work with business leaders, teams and individuals to adopt these same skills to amplify their success in both their business and personal lives.

My Passion

I love to pull together my experience in business, online marketing, personal development and stress reduction. I have always been driven to share ideas, concepts and more to help others move forward in their lives. What I learn, I am driven to share. It brings me great pleasure to see individuals make progress and even greater joy to see them recognize it in themselves.

What I Do

I mentor already successful, productive individuals, techniques to elevate themselves to higher levels of performance. Through gaining clarity, confidence and expertise they magnify their own success while being driven to keep motivated and balancing it all by learning stress prevention and management techniques that can be woven in throughout the day. In applying these skills, individuals see impactful changes in both their business and personal lives.

I love the moment when someone has the recognition that something I guided them to has made a difference. Whether the ability to approach a difficult conversation, influence others, a practice of focus, or how to relax in a difficult situation, when they see the shift and how powerful a small change can be, I share in the joy that they feel.

How I Got Here

For over twenty years I worked full-time in technology. I worked long hours, there were daily challenges and I was often on the road. Early in my career due to a health wake-up-call, I was introduced to yoga. I found it helped me to deal with daily stress.

In 2000, I decided to take a leave-of-absence from my job and get certified as a yoga instructor. When I returned as a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT-200) I went back to my job and began teaching yoga as a hobby. This allowed me the first opportunity to share the gift of yoga with others, while I grew in my business career.

I began traveling more for work, and needed to find additional relaxation tools for when I didn’t have time for a yoga class. I trained in various areas and created my toolbox of techniques.

In 2013, I decided to leave the structured business world and start my own company so I could positively impact more people. That is where Infinite Heart Space began. The coaching, workshops, speaking engagements, classes and other methods became my focus as I sought to serve others in teaching them how to improve their business and their life to be healthier, happier and more relaxed, living lives filled with infinite possibilities.

My Family & Hobbies

I live in New Jersey with my husband Stephen and dog Winston. Together we love to spend time outdoors in nature, walking on the canal, exploring a mountain path, or watching the birds, being outside is where we are all in our element.

A favorite place for us is the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. In the summer, we spend time exploring the area and enjoying the mountain surroundings.

My days are spent enjoying life and constantly learning. I believe learning helps to keep us moving forward and there is so much to learn in any category that interests you.