Not eveGood Dayry day can be a good day. As nice as it sounds to have the perfect life of perfect days, how would we know what perfect was if it was all we knew? I often tell my yoga students you have to be out of balance to know what it is to be in balance. It’s true. The same rings true for how the day goes.

Yesterday was not
one of those perfect days for me. From someone looking from the outside they would have thought I had a productive and positive day. I accomplished a lot of tasks, I got great feedback from a couple of people who read something I sent out and the sun was out. So why was it a bad day? It just felt that way.

I was agitated from pretty much beginning to end. I don’t know where the feelings came from, even when I meditated, attempting to sit with the feelings, the reason didn’t surface. In the morning I did have a major challenge with something. Something I had spent hours on a few days earlier, gave me major grief when trying to convert it to a legible email.

After spending way too much time without success I reached out to my husband for his ideas on how to get it done. His creativity came through and he helped me get it accomplished! Reinforced lesson there, ask for help when you are really stuck, but that’s a topic for another blog. Crisis resolved and my day moved on. As I mentioned earlier I did get a lot done and some really good things happened but I still couldn’t shake the feeling of being agitated.

Here I am the next morning sitting here writing. How am I feeling now? Better, not great. The feeling of being unsettled has quieted down, but it lingers somewhere in the background. I am still not sure where the feelings are stemming from although I have an inkling after I sat with them in meditation this morning.

And although I am not set free from the feelings just yet, I realize that it is important that I experience them. For without those feelings I would not have anything to compare my days without them. In absence of knowing what the imperfect day was I would not be able to feel gratitude and appreciation for those beautiful days where things flow so smoothly and I feel like I can do no wrong. So appreciate whatever shows up for you and embrace it with open arms for the lessons it teaches.

What positive lesson have you taken away from a challenging day or situation? Share with me below.