Prior to a yoga class the other night, some of my students, my husband and I were chatting. One said, “It must be very Zen in your household.” I paused, turned to my husband, and waited for his response.

To my surprise, instead of sarcastic remark, he said, “Yes, for the most part we are very relaxed at home.” I then followed up with, “We have our moments, but it does take a lot to get us stressed.” He then added, “But what is great is when one of us is upset, the other person is good at talking the other down.” That made me smile.

We have our moments for sure, and I had one of them yesterday. It was one of those afternoons where one thing after another seemed to go wrong. This was all before I was set to give a presentation last evening.

As many of you know, stress reduction techniques are my specialty and I immediately began to engage them. I used my breath, I even grounded myself by stomping my feet, but the agitation still remained. I called my husband, and he was immensely supportive and tried to help resolve the problems I was encountering. As he said earlier in the week, we support one another when one of us is challenged.

Fast forward a few hours, more challenges came my way, but I sat and continued to focus on my breathing. I knew I needed to settle and shake things off before I left for my presentation.

It would have been easy to hold on to the frustration I was facing, but what good would that do? It wouldn’t help me, nor would it serve my audience. By employing tools to reduce my stress, I was able to let things go and place my focus and energy where it needed to be.

So how did it go? Well about a third of the way into my presentation my project lost power. Rather than spend the time trying to fix it, I went on with the presentation. When I was done, the leader of the group noted how it seemed to be a common occurrence that presenters to this group encountered technical problems, but she noted that I seemed to move forward without being flustered.

Sure it was just another hiccup in my day, and I had a choice with each challenge I faced. I could let it carry forward carrying a negative impact, or I could let it go and start afresh.

I so value the various ways in which I have learned to handle the road bumps that appear in life and I am so happy I have the opportunity to share them with others.

I hope that the next time you hit a bump in the road that causes stress that you find a way to move through it quickly. If you would like to visit some ways I suggest, be sure to visit for various techniques I recommend.