Have you ever thought back to a time that something wonderful happened to you and it instantly brings a smile to your face, or makes you feel happy inside? Staying in the present moment is an important practice, but visiting the positive events of the past can be uplifting.  As the holiday season approaches, where many spend time with others, whether family, friends, or people you are just meeting, it’s nice to share in reflecting back.

Recently a group of us were together and we each shared a few of our favorite holiday memories and traditions. Some went far back to early childhood, for others the memories were more recent.  Often when someone shared a memory, another person would be reminded of a memory of their own they hadn’t thought of in ages. So as you find yourself at your next gathering, or maybe just talking to a friend, suggest each person sharing some of his/her favorite holiday memories.  See what rises up for you.

One of my favorite holiday memories is when we were young, after the holiday meal at my grandparents, my brother and I would be excused from the table while the adults had their coffee. He and I would rush into the other room where there was always a box of chocolates. We didn’t like all the types of chocolates, so we would break open chocolate and if it was one we liked, we’d eat it. If it wasn’t one of our favorite fillings, it would go back into the box. The adults would come out scolding us for breaking all the chocolates….the memory makes me smile.

What is one of your favorite holiday memories?

Please share your favorite memories in the Comments.