Front Row SmallHave you ever been with a group where you left them feeling inspired, motived and had your mind racing with ideas? Were you excited about next steps and wondering when you could get that type of energy again? I have, in fact that is what happened to me over the past week, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

When I used to hear I had to go attend a conference (or any group event for that matter), all I could think of was boring, unmotivated speakers and a drain on my time. Every felt that way? Later I learned that if I attended the right conference or event, just the opposite could happen. If I went to events that attracted those who had the similar interests and could elevate me to the next level, they could be an asset and honestly energizing.

Here are 3 things to look for when choosing an event:

  1. The overall arching topic is one that is of interest. Find something that you would be happy to even leave with one new nugget of information.
  2. The speakers are people you respect and can move you forward. When you find out who is speaking at the engagement, check out their websites. Does their message resonate with you? Would you like to learn from them?
  3. Who else will be attending the event? Is the event going to attract people who share your focus? It can be just as important, even sometimes more important who you can meet at a conference as who is speaking. Here are a few things that can make attending an event worthwhile.

Once you have chosen your event, set a goal or a couple of goals for yourself in attending the event. Is it to meet five people who you may be able to partner with in the future? Is it to learn more about a specific topic? Once you have your goals, decide on the steps you will take at the conference to achieve them. Keep them top of mind while you are there, and you will find that you walk away with greater value than just signing up for something because “it sounds good”.

What event have you attended that was beneficial and why?