Shari speaks frequently to companies, associations and groups. She inspires people to make positive progress in their lives and in their business.

Current Speaking Topics

Differentiate Yourself in a Busy Market

Are you struggling to distinguish yourself from the competition? Standing out in the crowd is essential if you want to be the leader in your market. Join Entrepreneur and Business Expert Shari Czar and learn to:

  • Implement 3 Key Ways to Differentiate Yourself in a Busy Market

  • Avoid 3 Massive Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make, Costing them Thousands off their Bottom Line

  • Find the One Factor that will make Your Customer Choose You over the Competition Every Time

Meet Your Avatar for Coffee

Can you visualize your ideal client; what he or she looks like; their age, interests and habits? While we would love to be everything to everyone, when it comes to business, knowing your perfect client, also known as your avatar, is key. Join Shari Czar and explore:

  • Why it is essential to know your avatar down to where he or she spends their time

  • The key attributes to identify your perfect avatar

  • 3 Strategic Techniques to focus on attracting your avatar to your business

Turning Leads into Clients: How to Nurture Your Prospects

Do you have difficulty converting leads into buyers? Moving a prospect down a path of discovering why you and your products and services is essential in making you stand out in a busy market. Join Shari Czar and learn the key steps to creating a plan to:

  • Nurture your prospects by taking them on a journey, while differentiating yourself from your competition

  • Provide value to your prospects, leaving them wanting to buy from you

  • Automate the bulk of the process, so you can focus on the key areas of your business

Who Has Time to Relax?

Every feel like you have no time in your day to relax? In our busy worlds of juggling many roles, we often put the priority of self-care last on the list. Join Shari Czar to:

  • Experience relaxation techniques that literally take only minutes

  • Discover surprising places in your day where you can find time

  • Trigger a relaxation technique throughout your day, without changing your schedule

“We have received many requests to have her back…”

“What a wonderful treat to have Shari as the keynote speaker at our event! Her presentation was not only professional, but it was also delivered with humor and insight. The relaxation techniques she taught us were fun and effective to relieve stress, We have received many requests to have her back and are anxious to schedule another event with her!”

~ Michelle C. (Costco Wholesale, Costco Journeys Co-Chair Northeast Region)

“…the presentation will have enduring value as I move forward.”

” I have attended many networking meetings and I found your presentation to be one of the most useful and informative. I found the way you used the workbook and exercises made it very practical and forced me to really think about how to apply your recommendations to my own business. It also left me with clear ‘to do’s that mean that the presentation will have enduring value as I move forward. I also found your direct, yet personable and light approach was very endearing and supportive – I can see how that makes you very effective as a coach in helping people feel comfortable yet fully accountable in taking your recommendations and implementing them appropriately.”

~ Liz B.

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