superhero businessman looking at city skyline at sunset. the conFinding a person or group of people that help create the spark in you is valuable in moving yourself forward.

Have you ever experienced how the mood of a room and the people in it uplifts when a certain individual walks in? Do you every find your energy and the level of excitement in your voice lift when you a talking to a certain person or are in a group of people?

Finding people that you make you feel charged can shift you into an excited frame of mind. Why is that important? When you experience the sensation of being charged you become enthusiastic, creative and motivated.

It is as if a superhero takes over your mind and body.

Not only can you see a shift in expression, but you sit or stand taller, get more animated with your hands and body and the two sides of your mouth may raise into a smile. Go crazy, and you might even hear yourself laughing.

Why does this happen? Because you are feeling a connection with others and that connection raises your energy. Now it doesn’t happen with everyone we feel a connection. There are people in our lives who play a more supportive role, or have a calmer energy. They too serve a purpose.

But, when you find the people that ignite the spark in you, it is a whole different thing.  Ideas can flow, conversation move easily and spontaneous dancing may happen – okay, I was joking about the last point, but you never know.

Find a person or group of people that generate the spark in you. Make the time regularly to get together or talk to keep your energy and creativity going. Is there someone that as soon as you are in their presence you have more vitality and are energized? If so, reach out to them now and get charged!

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Life is filled with Infinite Possibilities. What are you going to do today?