When every excuse in the book seems to find its way in front of completing a task, it’s time to take an honest look at what stands in the way.

Often when we procrastinate, fear is the culprit. Our comfort zone exists to protect us and pushing past its barriers can be uncomfortable. Staying within its boundaries may keep us feeling safe, but it also limits us from progress and growth.

Three Common Fears that Prevent Momentum in Our To-Dos

Fear can surface for various reasons, including:

  1. Fear of the Unknown

Our imagination can be creative in coming up with “what ifs”. What if it takes longer than I expected? What if I don’t know all the steps to take? What if this….what if that? Crafting a story in your mind can be a large deterrent from moving forward.

Often when taking the steps towards action, the “what ifs” seem to fail to appear. And if they do show up, it means taking action to address them.

  1. Fear of Failure

From an early age we are conditioned to want to succeed and avoid failure. When the possibility exists that we could fail, it can create resistance. Shifting from viewing failure as defeat versus moving us a step or more closer to success can be liberating.

The biggest failure you may have is not trying.

  1. Fear of Success

One fear that is rarely discussed, but exists for many, is the fear of success. It closely ties into the fear of the unknown. When it is unclear what demands and challenges could appear when goals are achieved fear can emerge. Recognizing with progress comes growth and approaching it with acceptance that you will be able to move forward with whatever presents itself can help you move forward.

Overcoming the Fears

There are some key steps to overcoming the fears:

  • Break the goal down into small task and take the first step. When that is accomplished, move forward with the next. It is less intimidating to look at pieces than the whole picture.
  • Adopt the attitude that a “failure” is one way you have identified that didn’t work and a step closer to the way that will provide the results you want.
  • Reflect on the successes you have had in the past, especially the ones you may have had concerns about when you started, and focus on how you made things happen.
  • Be excited by the idea that success is possible and that everything that comes with it provides a continued opportunity for growth.

Realize that by giving into your fears may prevent you from moving forward and keeps you from delivering your gifts to others. Don’t you owe it to them and to yourself to take action? Tap into you courage to move forward.

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