One of my favorite yoga postures is Warrior I. I find it is a posture that reminds me of balance, strength and achievement.  As the arms come up overhead, I feel as if I can succeed in anything that is put in front of me.

In this posture, I often focus on the alignment of the feet. The more they are in front of each other, the more resembling walking a tightrope, the more challenging the balance. By widening the stance to the sides, whether by a little or a lot, one can find more stability.

I look at this as a parallel to viewing a challenge that is in front of you.  One approach you can take towards the challenge is to view it from a very narrow focus.  It is like being on the tightrope, and you may find it difficult to find your balance in meeting the task. Yet if you widen your stance in how you look at the problem, you might find it easier to deal with.

Maybe widening the stance in your situation is to extend your timeframe to finding resolution.  Perhaps broadening your perspective is gaining more information about what you are looking to achieve. Or maybe it is expanding who helps to solve the challenge by getting assistance from others. By widening how you approach your challenge you may find more balance and strength which can lead you to achieving.  Feel the power of Warrior I.