Newborn Yellow Chicken HatchingThis time of year in our area there are new baby birds all around. This past weekend my husband and I stood in delight as we watched five baby woodpeckers explore the tree in our side yard. Yesterday as I walking through a parking lot I saw a baby sparrow sitting under a car in the shade. As I watched, he hopped his way out from underneath as he called out. Hearing her baby’s call, mama bird came to be with him. She and I both watched as he flapped his tiny little wings, trying to fly.

I really enjoy watching as the young birds explore their new surroundings, skills and discover a new world.

I then began to think about it from the baby bird’s perspective. Her first challenge hits her on day one of coming into this new world. She has to break out of her shell. It’s not as if just one tap with the beak the shell breaks open. It takes tap after tap after tap, and some strategy to hit close to the same area to eventually crack it open and emerge. Oh what a daunting task that must seem for the newbie, not even knowing what to expect on the other side, just knowing that it is that she needs to do.

It is similar to when we start on a new path. We may not know everything we need to do, or even what we will find when we begin. It is only important to begin the first step, keep at it, with some sense of strategy, and we will soon discover what is on the other side.

Now it’s only the first step for the little bird. Next she must learn how to fly. And although her parents may be able to coach her, it is up to her to make it happen. It must seem scary to think about venturing out of the nest, yet exciting. If you watch a bird learning to fly they flap there wings as they stay in place. Then eventually they may move a small amount. It builds and builds.

So is it when we are learning. We all wish we could come out of the nest soaring easily and riding the winds. Reality is that is not going to happen. Instead a lot of it is trial and error, building on the experience we gain as we try. Hmm, that didn’t work, so let me try something else. Or, ooh, that worked a bit so let me try something along the same lines but with a tweak or two. And yes, if we are lucky we have someone on the sidelines coaching us along the way but in the end it is up to us to make it happen.

So next time you are facing something new, think of a baby bird. Think of how it takes effort and small steps to fly. It can be scary but exciting, and we don’t always know what each step with bring, but imagine how rewarding when you discover that you too can soar.

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