I have been working with someone in helping them with complete a task. They asked me to help because of my experience in helping others with a similar need.  We are making great progress and things have been going well.

In a discussion with that person I was hit with the realization that when the mirror was turned on me to see how I personally was doing with that same task I found I was not moving myself forward.  You know the saying that the cobbler’s children have no shoes? Where I was doing a great job at helping others, I was failing to help myself.

This made me sit back and really think. As many will probably agree it is often easier to focus on others than on ourselves.  It may stem from feeling good about ourselves when helping others, or possibly it because as for me, it is more difficult to focus on myself. A different set of emotion arises and it can be hard work.

I am thankful for the reminder that I must turn inward and focus on myself. It is much easier for me to ignore it, but the best things in life are often hard but worth the effort that is put into them.  I am working a bit each day at spending time on myself. Some days are less painful than others, but I have no doubt that the journey I am on will uncover what I need to do and know.

What do you do for others that maybe you should do for yourself?  Share with me below what you are committed to do for yourself in the next few weeks.