In my past role as a consultant I often had to provide a status report to management.  A summary of all the accomplishments I had during the previous week or month.  In addition, I often participated in yearly performance reviews where I was required to demonstrate what my achievements were over the past year.  In my current role as a business owner I no longer have that requirement but I recently found that a similar exercise helped me recognize a few things I might not have otherwise.

I had set a few expectations for myself about a year ago and I not too long ago I was thinking to myself how I hadn’t accomplished them.  In fact, I was really questioning what I had gotten done.  So I sat down and decided to make a list, much like I would do in a status report.  As I began to jot things down, I surprised myself at how many things I had completed.  The list grew, as it contained both big and some small accomplishments. Even the “failures” were included, because from each of them I had learned something new. When I was done with my list I sat back and was amazed. When I saw on paper my list of accomplishments I realized how far I had brought myself over the past year. The expectations I had placed in my mind a year earlier may not all have been “checked off” on my virtual list, but I had undertaken way more than I had then dreamt of and had way more triumphs than I had anticipated.

For full disclosure, one of my gratitude exercises is for me to recognize and celebrate a personal success as it happens. Yes, I pat myself on the back when I deserve it.  I am my biggest critic, so shouldn’t I be my biggest fan as well?  So I do take the time acknowledge my achievements as they happen, but I hadn’t captured them in one place.  Since I am reflecting back on the past year, I am sure there are additional realizations of my goals that I just don’t remember.  It probably would be a good exercise for me monthly, if not weekly, to write down my personal status report.

I recently joined a group of women, whom I meet with each month. The first task on our list for every get-together is each of us share five successes since the last time we spoke.  Then we celebrate our success.  We hoot for each other, give virtual high-fives, and even sometimes do a little dance.   I love this because it is so easy to focus on what didn’t get done, and what we could have done better.  Instead let us focus on all that has moved us forward even if it was a baby step.

What is on your personal status report? What are five successes you have had in the past month?